Visual Arts

The visual arts curriculum at Hampton Roads Academy provides an environment for students to stretch creatively.  Visual arts courses create the framework for students to take risks developing conceptual as well as emotional connections to their work.  Students are introduced to and are able to work towards a high level of proficiency using techniques in a variety of media.


Although studio production is an important component of instruction in the visual arts program, the curriculum also strives to generate critical thinking and a heightened understanding of the aesthetic qualities in works of art through critique and art history. Integrated lesson plans provide delivery of the content to students with a variety of learning styles.  Evaluations of student success take place in multiple ways. The overall growth of the student as an artist is developed through coaching.  Peer review, critique, and the reinforcement of vocabulary are critical tools that enable each student to analyze work and demonstrate an understanding of desired terms, techniques, and practices.  The visual art program provides opportunities for students to apply divergent problem solving strategies that can be applied to other classes as well as beyond the academic setting.