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The Hampton Roads Academy Mathematics program is designed to meet the school's stated purpose by providing a curriculum that enables student success. The Mathematics Department encourages the understanding of spatial and quantitative concepts by developing an appreciation of the logical principles that explain these concepts. Throughout the curriculum, the department endeavors to build a solid foundation of skills that ultimately provide students with the ability to reason analytically, think critically, and provide evidence of understanding. Quality reasoning skills are essential and prepare students to make informed and thoughtful decisions. Students acquire competence in using a variety of methods, tools, and technology to become adept at problem solving. The use of technology is an integral part of the curriculum; however, its use does not replace the students' understanding of the quantitative concepts or proficiency in computations. Students are encouraged to take risks, explore, and persevere. A dynamic curriculum for each course from Junior Kindergarten through 12th grade articulates the educational objectives and provides the text, materials, and evaluative criteria. In addition, there is  an established procedure for review, evaluation, and the continued development of the mathematics program.

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