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In line with the mission of Hampton Roads Academy, the science department strives to provide the strongest possible science foundation for college bound students. Recognizing the learning needs of its students, our faculty is committed to deliver a meaningful science experience using a variety of teaching methods and techniques. This goal is accomplished by incorporating student-led, hands-on activities, as well as teacher demonstrations and laboratory work consistent with the course level and subject matter. The scientific method is used as the framework for all laboratory investigations.  Teaching methods, at all levels, stress critical thinking in order that each student demonstrates understanding beyond the immediate application of the concepts taught. Science teachers believe that students should use and interpret science to explain the world around them.  Furthermore, students should develop skills of scientific inquiry to design and carry out scientific investigations and evaluate scientific evidence to draw conclusions by thinking analytically, critically, and creatively. The Science Department utilizes sequential teaching so that each science class builds on previously learned concepts and the principles learned can be applied to current and future “real” world situations.

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