The Hampton Roads Academy English Department is committed to creating powerful readers, writers, and speakers who are able to integrate technology and demonstrate 21st century skills. Our desire is to inspire and promote a set of lifetime strategies, enabling students to present themselves effectively as global citizens. We support an atmosphere that naturally cultivates a culture of creativity and critical thought within our students.

Reading gives students the limitless power to become independent thinkers and explorers. Cultivating a love and appreciation of reading that transcends the classroom is at the forefront of our reading program. Inspiring students to independently seek thought-provoking books that provide pleasure and ignite imagination can empower students in all aspects of life. By promoting engaged discussion and embracing new perspectives, we strive to motivate students to learn about the world and their role in it.

Writing is a reflection of self, and accomplished writing requires the synthesis of grammar, vocabulary, content, and voice. Our students write in a variety of forms, styles, and applications throughout their academic careers with mastery of this synthesis in mind. Effective written articulation and communication create a greater understanding of the many connections between oneself, others, society, and the world. Adept writing skills are essential for demonstrating success.

Refined public speaking skills empower students to express and articulate thoughts while keeping in mind a variety of audiences and purposes. Opportunities presented in small group and whole group discussions produce eager, confident speakers who are effective communicators.

Immersion in a language-rich environment nurtures a student's acquisition of strong reading, writing, and speaking skills. Our students are proficient in the understanding, interpretation, and articulation of the English language because these components are not taught in isolation; instead, they are incorporated to make connections between topics, themes, and experiences. These skills begin with our youngest students, unfolding and advancing developmentally at each level to our graduating seniors. Hampton Roads Academy students are poised for success in assimilating and engaging in academic challenges as well as welcoming the external challenges of our ever-changing world.